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Pages: 50-54

Date of Publication: 31-Dec-2022

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Forecasting of Days of Maturity Based on Growing Degree Days in Fingure Millet

Author: . Nahush Kulkarni, B. Shirish Khedikar, C. Mayur Sutar, D. S. R. Karad and Gayatri Deb

Category: Agricultural Engineering


Weather effects on crop yields are manifold, making their assessment challenging. Information on the extent to which crop stages particularly sensitive stages are affected by specific extreme weather events is important information for the prevention of weather driven losses. The growing degree days based forecasting of maturity days will act as good tool to control such losses in support of linking agronomic field decisions and effective use of the temporal and spatial weather prediction. In the present finger millet study, good relationship was found between accumulated growing degree days and maturity days in both Phule Nachani and KOPN 942 cultivars. In agriculture business, the duration from planting to maturity is important for properly timing and scheduling management practices. In this study the accumulated GDD has found significant role in forecasting of maturity days whichwill be helpful for farmers in the execution of farm decision, marketing the produce and ultimately reduce the risk.

Keywords: Finger millet, Growing Degree Days, Maturity days , Forecasting.

DOI: 10.56228/JART.2022.47110